Ken Downing Visits the Walnut Creek Stylist

Ken Downing with Mel Ahlborn, the Walnut Creek Stylist, in Walnut Creek

On a bright Thursday in May Ken Downing and his assistant Margaret visited Walnut Creek’s fashion central. Together Ken and Margaret presented fashion’s Spring Trends for 2012 to a standing-room-only  audience eager to meet the Project Runway star in person.

at Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek – pant: Donna Karan; jacket: Jil Sander

In Walnut Creek. Dress; Herve Leger; jacket: Jason Wu; handbag: Chanel

In Walnut Creek. Dress; Chanel; jacket: Chanel; jewelry: Chanel; handbag: Chanel

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One comment

  1. dragonrev

    I like all that I see…not the fashion hound I used to be but I still know what i like. The lines, the movement, colors, the statement each ensemble makes…yum.

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